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At least 10 good reasons to boycott the U.S.A.

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January 19-29: World Social Forums in Mali, Pakistan and Venezuela

March 18-20: int'l protest days against 3 years of war & occupation of Iraq

April 6-9: European Social Forum, Athenes, Greece

June 23-28: World Peace Forum, Vancouver, Canada

At least 10 good reasons to boycott the U.S.A. > #8 Biological, chemical weapons and landmines

Chemical Weapons Convention

When the Senate ratified this treaty in 1997, it exempted the United States from critical inspection requirements. Currently, the United States seems to be starving the treaty's directorate, the organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, of the funds it needs to operate.

In April 2003, it forced the director, Jose Bustani, out of office. (His sin: He had nearly convinced Saddam Hussein to join the treaty, which would have eliminated one of the Bush administration's rationalise for attacking Iraq.) The U.S. ambassador to the OPCW told the staff it would be difficult to find a replacement or Bustani; because no one wants "to be associated with a dying organisation;" After remarking that the United States wanted no more Latin American directors because of their "sheer incompetence", the ambassador then added, "If any of this gets out of this room, I'll kill the person responsible".

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