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Lakenheath Action Group
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Lakenheath Action Group:

campaigning for the withdrawal of US bombs from Britain

part of the US-Nukes-Out-of-Europe Network


Peacemakers Ball, USAF Feltwell, 4th July 2007
Join the annual "Independence from America" Party on July 4th, 6pm at the Main Gate of RAF Feltwell.
Dust off the cobwebs, put on the ballgown and bring some friends, music and food to share.
Feltwell provide the fireworks.

Our message is not anti-American but pro-peace, as are our actions. We welcome and respect all people as guests but not masters.
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There are around 110 (estimated) US nuclear weapons deployed at USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk; weapons capable only of mass and indiscriminate killing and of poisoning our environment. These weapons are illegal under international law. At the Non-proliferation Treaty Review in 2000, the nuclear weapons states, including America and Britain, made an "unequivocal undertaking ... to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals". The disarmament has neither begun nor has a timetable been set. 

Lakenheath has been intimately involved in attacks on Iraq over the last 12 years. Planes from the 48th fighter wing of the US Air Force, based at Lakenheath, attacked Iraq in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999 and again in 2003.

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Lakenheath Action Group

Lakenheath Action Group has formed to do everything that we can to rid Britain of American nukes. This won't be an easy task, but it can be achieved by a determined people's campaign. This campaign needs your support! Contact us if you want to get involved

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Upcoming Events

Peacemakers Ball, USAF Feltwell, 4th July 2007

Join the annual "Independence from America" Party on July 4th, 6pm at the Main Gate of RAF Feltwell.
Dust off the cobwebs, put on the ballgown and bring some friends, music and food to share.
Feltwell provide the fireworks.

Our message is not anti-American but pro-peace, as are our actions. We welcome and respect all people as guests but not masters.


To offer or request a lift please contact: transport@lakenheathaction.org or phone 01493 780294

Latest News

Lakenheath Terrorist Charge Ridicules New Laws
Eight non-violent peace activists have been charged at Mildenhall police station under anti-terrorist laws, SOCPA 128 as a result of an action last October, when the activists entered USAF Lakenheath nuclear base and chained themselves to secure the gates of a munitions storage area to stop the movement of cluster bombs.
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Anti-nuclear campaigners locked-on to munitions gate at USAF Lakenheath
Early this morning, eight anti-nuclear campaigners locked-on to the gate of the amunitions area in USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. Three of the eight campaigners are local - Mell Harrison from Bungay, who is the co-ordinator of Eastern Region CND, Lesley Grahame from Norwich and Pete Lux from Norwich.
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Report on the latest demonstration on 25th September
The day was fair almost to the end; over 45 people came, a good turnout given that there were several competing events on the weekend, and it was good to see many old friends and (hearteningly) some new ones.
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Text of letter to Brigadier General Steel, Commanding Officer, 48th Fighter Wing, U.S.A.F, Lakenheath
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Irene Willis sentenced to 21 days in prison
Irene Willis was sentenced to 21 days in Edmunds Hill prison for taking part in the nonviolent direct action at USAF Lakenheath in October 2003.
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The Peace Makers Ball, 4th July 2004, USAF Lakenheath and USAF Feltwell

80 people attended a carnivalesque "Independence FROM America Day" celebration at Lakenheath and Feltwell.
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"Fall out Fairies" found guilty, appeal pending

Four East Anglian peace activists were found guilty on Wednesday 26th May of criminal damage to the perimeter fence of RAF/USAF Lakenheath. They had cut a hole in order to gain access to the base and and carry out a weapons inspection, to get photographic evidence of the nuclear weapons facilities in October 2003.
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April 5th 2004: Possible withdrawal of some US nuclear weapons from Europe
The United States is currently considering significant changes to the US forces based in Europe. There are strong indications that some of the US nuclear weapons in Europe, including those based at Lakenheath, may be withdrawn.
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20th March: Vigil at USAF Mildenhall
Lakenheath Action Group and Norwich CND visited USAF Mildenhall, to mark the 1 year anniversary of the war on Iraq
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(photographs of the action...)

18th January: Reclaim the bases at USAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall and Feltwell
Lakenheath Action Group activists visited 3 USAF bases as part of the "Reclaim the bases" weekend of events
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8th January: USAF Lakenheath plane drops accidentally drops bomb on farm land
It has been announced that an F15 plane, of the type used to carry nuclear weapons at USAF Lakenheath, accidentally dropped a small unarmed bomb during a training flight over Yorkshire.
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5th January: Opposition to Lakenheath base will continue, despite guilty verdicts.
Seven peace activists who took part in nonviolent direct actions at USAF Lakenheath in the week before the start of the war on Iraq have been found guilty of aggravated trespass and criminal damage. However, the activists were effectively let off, as District Judge Kevin Gray chose not to ask the defendants for costs or to fine them but gave each one a 12 month conditional discharge.

6th December: People power at Friends meeting House in Diss
Over 80 people packed into the Friends Meeting House in Diss on Thursday 4th December and after soup and rolls on a cold night, they heard three renowned Peace Activists fit their experiences into the context of the present world crisis.
The Public Meeting on "War, Peace and Terrorism" was arranged jointly by Norwich Stop the War Coalition, Norwich CND, Lakenheath Action Group and the Diss Peace Group.

5th December: Lakenheath activists verdict delayed
The verdict in the trial of the 7 Lakenheath protesters has been postponed until a date in January yet to be determined.
Judge Gray was to have given his judgement on Thursday 4th December at 11 a.m., but the defendants were informed that this will not happen.

30th November: Lakenheath activists have their defence restricted
Defendants in the ongoing trial regarding anti-nuclear and anti-war actions at Lakenheath airbase have had their defence retricted by the Judge who ruled that these matters were not within his jurisdiction. A summary of these legals arguments are provided here.

22nd November: Lakenheath activists on trial from 24th November
7 Norfolk peace campaigners who entered U.S.A.F. Lakenheath last March in protest against the impending war on Iraq and the presence of nuclear bombs on the base face trial on Monday 24th November, at 10 a.m. at Mildenhall Magistrates Court.

10th October: Peace activists appear in court for trespass at Lakenheath
Five local peace activists appeared at Bury St. Edmunds Magistrates Court, following Monday’s action at USAF Lakenheath. Four were jointly charged with criminal damage, for cutting the perimeter fence of the base, another was charged with intention to cause criminal damage.

6th October: Peace activists arrested inside Lakenheath nuclear base
Groups of international and local peace activists cut through the perimeter fence of USAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, to draw attention to the illegal nuclear weapons that are deployed there.

(photographs of the inspection action and demonstration...)

5th October: 100 demonstrate against illegal nukes
100 people gathered at USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk to protest against the presence of US nuclear weapons at the base.

'Independence FROM America Day' 4th July 2003
The Peace Makers Ball

Monday 3rd February 2003
Another successful action
Six arrested as Lakenheath shut down,
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7th October 2002
160 people, one water tower, nine incursions and three arrests:
no nukes - no war action judged a success

6th October 2002
no nukes - no war action at Lakenheath.